Business Holiday

Elliol Maldives is a tour operator that specializes in organizing corporate holidays, business trips, seminars, conferences, and other events in the Maldives and worldwide. They offer a range of services to ensure a seamless and efficient experience for their clients.

Here are some key points about Elliol Maldives and the services they provide:
Corporate Holidays: Elliol Maldives offers corporate holiday packages that allow professionals to combine business and leisure. By booking a tour to one of the resorts in the Maldives, individuals can enjoy a relaxing vacation while also organizing momentous events or meetings.
Cost Optimization: As travel business experts, Elliol Maldives aims to help clients save 15 to 20% of their budget. They have proved relationships with hotels and can secure special fares, room blocks, and preferential booking conditions, leading to lower costs for their customers.
Expert Knowledge: The team at Elliol Maldives is well-versed in the seasonal and tariff policies of hotels. They can supply favorable rates for holding seminars and conferences and assess the suitability of hotels for business travel purposes based on factors such as location, conference room availability, translation services, internet access, and more.
Personalized Service: Elliol Maldives assigns a personal manager to each client, who is available to provide necessary information, aid with inquiries, and fulfill specific requests. They aim to treat each customer with attention and ensure their requirements and wishes are met.
Business Trips: The company specializes in organizing and servicing business trips for managers and their subordinates. They oversee various aspects, including flights, hotel bookings, car rentals, visa aid, passport arrangements, and even VIP services. Their team of professionals is experienced in addressing complex tasks related to business travel.
Preparing for Business Trips: Elliol Maldives supplies basic tips for preparing a business trip, such as checking the validity of passports, obtaining necessary visas, and ensuring good health by considering vaccines and carrying a travel pharmacy kit. They also offer advice on managing jet lag and selecting accommodation and transportation options.
Tailored and Creative Approach: The agency can help in organizing events, conferences, and business trips with a creative touch that aligns with the class, level, and corporate spirit of the client’s company. They consider the budget, image-building, and semantic orientation of the event to supply suitable proposals.
Full Range of Services: Elliol Maldives offers a comprehensive range of services, including prompt booking of air tickets, hotel reservations, transportation services, excursion arrangements, guide services, leisure activities, and help in organizing seminars, conferences, and exhibitions.
Experience and Partnerships: With their experience and dependable partners worldwide, Elliol Maldives is capable of handling even the most challenging tasks in corporate travel. They aim to supply an important level of service and value the trust placed in them by their clients.
Customer Satisfaction: Elliol Maldives strives for customer satisfaction and aims to understand and fulfill their clients’ wishes and expectations. They have successfully organized retreats and conferences for companies of various profiles, ensuring a positive outcome for their clients.

In summary, Elliol Maldives is a tour operator that offers efficient and comprehensive services for corporate holidays, business trips, and event organization. They use their ability, partnerships, and knowledge to supply cost optimization, personalized service, and a tailored approach to meet the unique requirements of each client.

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