Oaga Art Resort

Oaga Art Resort aims to provide an authentic cultural hospitality experience by immersing guests in small doses of true Maldivian art, culture, food, and heritage. Oaga Art resort is Located in the North Male’ Atoll, 48.3 km from
Velana International Airport. Combined speedboat transfers are arranged according to the international flights for all guests, this boat jorney is only 45 minutes away and available 24/7.

The owners of the property are very involved and have managed to create an atmosphere with their team where everyone makes you feel very special. The resort runs by the local family, reflecting true Maldivian hospitality, which can be felt the minute you arrive on the island.

You will learned more about Maldivian culture within 24 hours of arriving at Oaga than all previous Maldives visits combined. Everything that you experience at Oaga has depth. And you feel it the minute that you arrive. This is a fun, upbeat and encouraging resort with real roots in preserving and showcasing the local heritage.

Oaga Resort Holds The Largest Art Collection in the Maldives

There are over 300 hand-painted murals to spot on the island, ranging from walls, pools, tables, chairs and even sign posts.

In collaboration with Maldivian artists and craftsmen, we are proud to hold the Largest Art Collection in the Maldives including the largest mural pool in the world, 105+ room murals, 150+ pieces in Gallery villas and so much more!

The resort has also incorporated the visions of many local artists in other design aspects such as their furniture and walls.

There’s A Vibe & Art Department In Oaga Art Resort!

Their vibe team ensures all day entertainment where the fun never ends! While having a platform for the local art community, showcasing the Maldivian talents and masterpieces.

The island has 35 rooms, but will be added 15 Bodu Haruge Beach Pool Villas and 10 more Odi Water Villas with private pools in 2023.

Rooms & Villas

Veyogie Gallery Pool Villas

Your very own mystical gateway curated as an Art Gallery, that recalls the magic of Khalid & Sitti’s legend. Oaga prides itself on collaborating with local artists to create whimsical spaces and imaginative micro-experiences for you. The Veyoge Gallery Pool Villa is one such space that offers an exquisite collection of paintings, arts, crafts, and photography by talented local artists, all handpicked for you. Veyoge Gallery Pool Villa is recommended for couples seeking to celebrate a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday. Thrill-seekers, Bucket listers, Adventurers, Art Lovers, Music Lovers, Nature Lovers.

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Haruge Beach Villa with Private Pool

Your sunlit beach escape, a story between the lines. Our Haruge Beach Villas with Private Pool feature a modernistic A-frame with angling roofs and a high-ceiling. The interior of villa invites you to dive into brightly coloured murals depicting the legend of the two lovers – Dhon Hiyala aa’i Alifulhu – Oaga Art Resort’s Haruge Beach Villas reimagine their epic story, full of splendor, magic and wild creatures from the deep blue sea.

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